Portrait Tips and Techniques

Wayne Radford has compiled his extensive experience and vast knowledge into over 126 pages and practical including inspiring images and relevant and informative charts.


Facial Recognition

In this eBook you will learn how to simplify and fine tune the essentials for quality portraiture. Discover how to use facial recognition and what lighting techniques should be used to enhance your subject.

Child Photography Ebook - Front Facial View

Also chapters on window lighting, subtractive lighting, how to find suitable locations, plus techniques for exposure and composition. There are many stunning images and easy to follow charts that will demonstrate what to look for and how to do it.

Portrait Photography Ebook - Two-third Facial View


Golden Ratios

Portrait Photography Ebook about Golden Ratios, Golden Triangle, Golden Spiral

Portrait Tips and Techniques is suitable for advanced DSLR enthusiasts and professionals wishing to fine tune their portraiture or develop a new style. The tips and techniques apply to both black & white and colour portraiture.

Double Two Third Facial View


Chapters featured in the eBook

Photography Ebook on Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Front facial view | Two-third facial | Profile facial view – Lighting Techniques

Broad light | Short light | Window light | Subtractive light


Histograms and Calibration Charts

Portrait Photography

Rule of thirds, Golden ratios | Perspective

Facial Analysis Guide – A collection of the author’s favourite, all relevant to the book’s content

Lighting Guide – A handy guide to help you determine what approach will best suit a given subject


What Kind of Format is this eBook in?

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This Portrait Photography Ebook can be found here: Portrait Tips and Techniques

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