Portraits of Birds Sporting Voluminous Heads of Hair in Photo Series ‘Coiffure le Bird’

blonde owl

Unlike these photos of birds by Paul Nelson whose objective was to capture them mid-flight, photographer Rene Mesman, chose to highlight another powerful feature of the fascinating animal: their hairdos. We’re not just talking about any old style, these birds are sporting what appears to be human hair.

owl with blonde hair

The photo series entitled Coiffure le Bird was done by Rene Mesman in collaboration with a team of creative specialists at Souverein Weesp. Together they came up with this unusual take on bird portraits. Often times we will see the beaks, wings or even eyes emphasized, but not so much the ‘hair’ or feathers.

red hair falcon

Strangely enough, the coiffed heads of hair compliment the three birds. The owl with its blonde hair arranged at maximum volume adds inches to its height, a technique used often in the beauty industry. The crow with its simple wavy black hair, more appropriate for someone of age. Then there’s the Harris Hawk with its fiery red statement hair worthy of drawing attention to a figure often used to symbolize freedom, liberty and victory.


It would not be farfetched to assume that these photos were actually meant to advertise shampoo or conditioner products for colored locks. After all, it’s not everyday you see an owl with such fabulous looking hair! And with pet owners becoming more crazed with beauty products to pamper their beloved companions, I wouldn’t be surprised if we come across more stylish animals in the near future.

close up black crow

Photographer Rene Mesman shoots advertising, food, interior, stop-motion and travel photography. His extensive list of clients include Nike, Converse, Levi’s, Red, Perry Sport, New York Times Magazine Tommy Hilfiger, Elle, Heineken, Eastpak and several others.

black crow

Souverein Weesp B.V consists of a talented team of creative specialists who offer high-end image creation in various forms. They collaborate with photographers, agencies, autonomous artists and large brand companies to create outstanding results.

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