Portraits of People Suspended in Mid-Air in Front of Lavish, Ornate Scenery


Defying gravity and weightlessness has always captured the imagination. These surreal compositions by Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi explore that theme. The idea of flying becomes a reality at least in the pictures of Bakonyi as his subjects are shown floating, appearing weightless. They are suspended in mid-air as they are in front of lavish, ornate scenery of marble halls and decadent baths.

floating Bence Bakonyi

Floating is a very dream-like series. Women in flowing clothes can be seen rising weightlessly into the air while in Victorian style interiors. A man in a black suit can also be seen floating towards a staircase, not resisting the movement. All the subjects seem to be enraptured by the weightlessness, their eyes closed as if absorbed by sensation.

Bence Bakonyi floating

Floating expounds on the subject which has long been a favorite of photographers from many eras. Photographers have been known to go to great lengths to create their shots, in fact some even get their subjects to jump into mid-air. Bakonyi says his subjects “seem to be floating in a surreal freedom of their own making.”

photo series floating Bence Bakonyi portrait

He is particularly fond of this subject, as his website says about him.

“The photographic works of Bence Bakonyi represent the symbols of freedom, airiness and transubstantiation. Below their contemporary and young aesthetics, they provide us with deeper layers of interpretations. Body and mind – these qualities are entirely intertwined in the unique pictoriality he creates: a human blends into the landscape, the body extends, or we see a deep black mark on the bright white cliff that appears as a gate which attracts its visual pair on the picture: a human figure.

photo series floating Bence Bakonyi

The consequently emerging drama dissolves either in bright spaces or in the soothing aesthetics created by the color lines – making his works easily accessible. The generous spaces of his photographs and their capacity to connect reality and fantasy turn us away from the problems of everyday life and direct our thoughts toward the much more universal and dignified questions of human existence.”

floating Bence Bakonyi photo series

See Bakonyi’s ethereal Floating here.

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