Powerful Black and White Photos of the African Wildlife


Jaco Marx has two very unrelated occupations. He is a dental surgeon and is also a passionate photographer and conservationist. Marx lives in central South Africa, and spends much of his leisure time taking pictures of the African wilderness. Given the majesty of the place, the results are nothing short of stunning.

jaco marx

Marx acquired his first DSLR which was a Canon EOS 350D fitted with a Sigma 30mm lens fourteen years ago. “I was chuffed beyond words,” he recalls. Instantly, his enthusiasm for photography began and it quickly became his passion.  Marx uses this zeal and puts it to good use, capturing and sharing spectacular images of the animals that roam and populate African wildlife. His pictures, shot in black and white often, more than show his adeptness as a lensman.

african photographer

“Photography gets you places: unspoiled wilderness, deserts, swamps and in between large herds of animals to get the adrenalin pumping. The sounds of African: fish, eagles in the distance, loud roars of lion around a bend, hippo sounding the riverbed, hyenas laughing. These are the things we get to appreciate as wildlife photographers. Respect the environment we live in or visit. Be creative in ways to protect the immediate world we live in. We only have one Earth, let’s keep her safe.”

african wildlife

Wildlife conservation is an integral part of Marx’s fascination with wildlife. Since childhood he was horrified by canned lion hunting, poaching and whaling, and has always thought of ways where he could make a difference in a world where people kill animals senselessly for money.

african wildlife hippos


It appalled him that rhinos were killed meaninglessly for their horns and elephants slaughtered for their ivory tusks. Marx realized that one rhino or elephant saved was never too small an achievement, thus prompting him to take his photography seriously. Marx today aims to influence people’s attitudes about wildlife, and sees his work as a powerful tool towards conservation.

african wildlife photo

See his advocacy-driven work here.

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