Powerful Images that Showcase the Graceful Movements of Ballet Dancers

erik saulitis

Some of the most challenging subjects to photograph are movements that derive their beauty from motion itself. Dance would certainly fall into this category, and ballet and its attendant grace would figure quite prominently.   Erik Saulitis however is able to capture the magnificence of this art form in his dancer photos.

erik saulitis black and white

The Minnesota-based photographer is able to capture their incomparable exquisiteness and grace. The ballet dancers are shown magically suspended in the air as they leap with what is obviously explosive but controlled power.  Whether they are executing a perfect pirouette, standing on point, or going through the other aspects of the ballet routine, Saulitis expertly photographs each movement wonderfully doing justice to the various dancers’ skill.

black and white erik saulitis

To add dimensions of drama and impact, the dancers were shot against white backgrounds, and lighting was carefully placed that would make them look almost like dark silhouettes. The technique allows the beauty of their movement to stand out even more as their limbs and form is enhanced. Unpredictable addition of stark colors and occasional bursts of water helps to animate the prints even more.

black and white ballet

Saulitis artfully captures various men and women striking a pose or performing a dance movement, freezing them in a moment where they appear like intricate sculptures of beauty. Ballet is a kind of performance dance that emanated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century that would later evolve into a concert dance form in Russia and France. Today it is popular all over the world, and has developed into a very technical form of dance with its own vocabulary rooted in French terminology.

black and white ballet photo series

While the dancers in Saulitis’ images may seem to be moving with ease, Ballet requires years of discipline to learn and master, and even more practice to maintain adeptness. Ballet has been propagated in ballet schools all over the globe, which have historically infused their own cultures to evolve the dance art to what it is today.

ballet photo series black and white photo series black and white ballet

See examples of exemplary ballet, superbly photographed in Saulitis’ website.

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