Priceless Photo Series ‘Not All Wear Capes’ Pays Homage to First Responders

brandon cawood

Heroes are all around us. Make no mistake about that, and Brandon Cawood has made it his mission to ferret out these unsung individuals who for the most part remain overlooked. No, they are not living double lives, hiding behind aliases as most fictional heroes have been portrayed. Quite the contrary, they are simple everyday characters who we take for granted.

brandon cawood photo series

These heroes have been around ever since we can remember. It is the fireman that puts everything on the line when he confronts a blazing inferno. He is the policeman that does not hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to stop a crime. She is the medic that will comfort you as you are transported to the care of a hospital.  They are all out there, and without them, the world would be much more chaotic. This poignant collection is called Not All Wear Capes, and it is a perfect name for the series.

photo series brandon cawood

Cawood spent about half a year photographing real-life first responders for his Not All Wear Capes series. He produced 12 stirring compositions that saw print on postcards and a calendar. These items will be sold with revenues going toward a scholarship program at the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton, GA.

brandon cawood not all wear capes

“I thought it might be something beneficial and could raise money for someone. I’m a big believer in arts and how important it is. I didn’t want to make money off of it for myself,” said Cawood. He is a 2001 graduate from the Northwest Whitfield High School, however, he did not take up photography until three years ago. The photographs of the series Not All Wear Capes are composites of prearranged images Cawood envisioned.

not all wear capes brandon cawood

Cawood through his dramatization of first responders in action elevates these individuals to another level. His depiction of them in action affords us priceless moments in their daily vocations. Law enforcers, firefighters, medical practitioners and various other emergency responders get their fair share of the spotlight in Not All Wear Capes.

not all wear capes brandon cawood  photo series

photo series not all wear capes brandon cawood underwater

photo series not all wear capes brandon cawood

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