Priceless Photos of the Lion Whisperer Show Docile Side of Wild Animals

man hugging lion

Jackson Galaxy can surely tame the nastiest felines, and Caesar Millan is no doubt the undisputed “Dog Whisperer.” But, “The Lion Whisperer”?  Well, Kevin Richardson owns that title, and quite deservedly so. Richardson is a South African animal behaviorist and zoologist who works with some of the most dangerous animals there are. He has been known to literally sleep with lions and even cuddle newborn hyenas. Richardson has been doing extensive research on native animals of Africa for some time now. As the “Lion Whisperer,” Richardson has an extremely unique and rare connection with these terrifying animals, either few or no other individual has.

man peeking inside lion's head

man with lioness in river

While many may see these photos as absolutely risky and dangerous situations, Richardson is able to deceptively obscure any hint of peril he may be putting himself in. The lions transform into pussycats, as if under some spell. What we instead see are startling, heartwarming images straight out of a children’s storybook. Richardson is able to elicit a kind of affection and bond with these ferocious animals you could only expect from some fairytale or movie. He debunks almost every rule there is when handling these wild animals.

man kissing cub

lioness licking man's head

In his biography, it says Richardson “does not use the common methods of breaking the animal’s spirit with sticks and chains, instead he uses love, understanding and trust.”

“With this unusual method of training he has developed some exceptionally personal bonds with his students. He sleeps with lions, cuddles newborn hyenas, and swims with lionesses. Kevin can confidently look into their eyes, crouch to their level and even lie down with them—all taboos in the normal world of wild animal handling—yet he doesn’t get mauled or attacked.”

man with cub and lions

lion hugging man

Richardson asserts that while these creatures may be dangerous, they also have personalities and feelings, just like humans do. That certainly is not difficult to believe based on these amazing photos.

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