Professional-Looking Portrait Shot with Just an iPhone and a $10 Lamp

portrait of bearded man

With the burgeoning increase of camera phone and smartphone users these days, it’s definitely easy to play photographer and editor with the countless photography and videography apps available today. Instagram, known to be one of the most popular photography apps, has several filters for editing like “X-Pro”, “Valencia” and the new black and white filter “Willow”. It also includes an HDR-like effect for more clarity and more dramatic pictures. Even micro-blogging site Twitter has just adopted Aviary for their new pic.twitter filters. Last December, the Instagram blog published a post featuring some of the most notable events of 2012 in photos. Everyone seems to enjoy feeling like a serious photography enthusiast every once in a while and it doesn’t hurt that the technology to do so is becoming even more accessible.

Professional photographers are now taking their time experimenting with simple, everyday gadgets sans their usual heavyweight equipment and gigantic lenses. Take Marseilles-born Philippe Echaroux for instance, who has just released a video of himself using an iPhone and an inexpensive IKEA lamp (less than 10 euros) to shoot a professional-looking portrait.

photographer shooting with iphone

The young French photographer, who has established himself in the business as a talented portraitist, is better known for his series of “celebrity style” photographs of strangers he met on the street. His work has been held in high regard at contests held by Dior and the FNAC in 2008. At only 30 years old, Echaroux has already been recognized by multinational companies like Adidas, Tesseire, Fiat, the ESF, Lego and social networking site Twitter for his personal style and flair in taking portraits.

man lighting up a cigarette staring into camera
“Celebrity-style” photographs of strangers

Echaroux has uploaded some helpful videos on his YouTube account at PhilippeEcharoux which anyone who wants to take some legit portraits without the use of an DSLR camera might like.

After taking photos with his iPhone, he then ran them through the Photoshop Touch app. Despite the Photoshopping, Echaroux still manages to impress the viewer considering the equipment he used and that the post-processing was done on a smartphone and not on a computer.

Visit his website to see more of Philippe Echaroux’ work.

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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