Profound Black and White Images Depict the Planet as It Once Was

Sebastiao Salgado

Photographer Sebastiao Salgado is never one to do a project that is anything less than remarkable. His latest project called Genesis, exemplifies that work ethic and it is a truly profound body of work. It is made up of more than 200 prints chosen from eight years of work that were shot across several continents in 32 countries. It is definitely photography on an impressive scale, and leaves one viewing it in awe.

Sebastiao Salgado black and white

Genesis takes us on an exhilarating journey to view the world from old perspectives. Shot in dramatic monochrome, Genesis tries to capture the world in way that it may have appeared long before it was touched by any kind of modernity.

black and white Sebastiao Salgado

Salgado attempts to depict the planet as it once was, in virginal landscapes and untouched wildlife as well as isolated communities that lived off the land. The nature-loving Salgado draws inspiration from a respect for our environment and advocates the significance of preserving the spectacular beauty that is innate to the natural world. From the years 2005-2011, he journeyed on more than 30 trips to document and explore the world in all of its natural, untouched splendor.

Sebastiao Salgado crocodiles

For anyone familiar with his work, the pictures are distinctly Salgado’s, prints that come alive as they beckon to you from of the gallery walls. Every one of them speaks the language of images, enticing you to examine them more intimately, savoring the time and pleasure as you indulge each image. In a way Salgado depicts a world that is no more, as if a distant and long forgotten myth.

Sebastiao Salgado penguins

On preserving what we have left, he believes that we can still unlearn our destructive tendencies, and focus our effort on preservation, saying, “Genesis is the search for the origin of the world, the one that has evolved for thousands of years before dealing with the pace of modern life and forget what makes us human. The [project] presents landscapes, animals, and people who were able to escape from this kind of world, paying tribute to distant regions in which, untouched and quiet, nature still reigns in all its majesty.”

Sebastiao Salgado landscape

Sebastiao Salgado rock formation

Sebastiao Salgado people silhouette

Sebastiao Salgado elephant

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