Project Part Nouveau Shows the Roots of Creative Material Produced Today

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It may be a source of disappointment for some, while others may be surprised, but there is much being done in the creative world that is either not original, is inspired by previous art, or is innocently repeating itself. This is precisely the idea of Lilah Ramzi when she  came up with the project Part Nouveau.

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Photography is certainly no exception to these repetitious themes, as they recur from time to time. Part Nouveau, meaning partly new, reveals how even the best intentioned efforts of creative minds can often come full circle and replicate a theme. Many of the notable images we see today are ideas that are borrowed from the past, or if not, have been tackled already.

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Ramzi, a fashion history graduate and VOGUE assistant put together some iconic images that this current generation may not be aware of.  The result is a rare compilation of works whose concepts are often taken for granted.

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Ramzi explains her motivation behind the project,

“As a graduate student of fashion history, I have come to the realization that much of the creative material produced and designed today has its roots in a previous incarnation or is essentially part nouveau.”

Part Nouveau can be used to characterize fashion photography, fashion trends and ultimately anything within the creative field that borrows, reappropriates or is directly inspired by a work which preceded it.

The blog seeks to aid our contemporary eyes, so used to being presented with the newest and latest within the creative world, to recognize and give credit to what has come before.”

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Part Nouveau is not limited to photography. Many of the resources for ideas are also drawings, paintings, and other creative mediums. Part Nouveau is updated regularly with additional samples added often. Part Nouveau, or partly new places modern fashion and photography next to their previous counterparts to illustrate the obvious.

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See the remarkable creative pegs identified by Ramzi in Part Nouveau here.

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