Project that Began by Accident Yields Some Extraordinary Minimalist Seascapes

beyond here

Photographer Jeff Friesen experiments and yields some extraordinary minimalist photos which he compiled into a series called Beyond Here. Friesen’s photography has attracted global acclaim, mostly due to its uniquely diverse character.

beyond here jeff friesen

His accolades are many and include one of the most esteemed in photography, the Award of Excellence from Communication Arts, as well as a winning image in the PDN Photo Annual. Friesen’s work was among the most singled-out by the International Photography Awards in 2009. His work has been shown  in Canada, Europe, the US, and Japan,  and have seen print in publications which include  Popular Photography, Photo District News, American Photo, Canadian Geographic, as well as National Geographic Adventure.

jeff friesen beyond here

Beyond Here is a series of tranquil and hypnotically wavy seascapes that straddle the visual line of whether you are looking at a picture or a painting. Every image is a combination of several less than perfect shots Friesen took as part of an experiment. He was shooting landscapes in 2006 using a tripod, but ironically could not get his camera to be steady while on a windy beach in Nova Scotia. Frustrated, he took the camera off the tripod and began taking shots of the area.

jeff friesen

“I just started going crazy,” he says of the random shots he started taking.. “I was purposely over- and under-exposing frames, panning, etc.” Shooting with film, he left the rolls undeveloped for a while. When he finally got around to it, he scanned the negatives and made composites, cleaned them-up on Photoshop.

photo series beyond here

“One view was created from several different approaches to photographing it. Here was the new horizon I was looking for. Let it be a place for your own thoughts…ultimately every view of the ocean is one’s own,” he said of the mishmash of shots he captured.

beyond here photo series

Slowly, he started yielding the surreally beautiful images until coming-up with enough for a series. See the ethereal and dreamy looking Beyond Here over at this website.

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