Puppies and Kittens on Make-Believe Sets Constructed Out of Household Items

cat parachuting

This series entitled Life is Adventure is surely to get both cat and dog lovers gushing over the cute photographs. The images depict both little kittens and puppies lightheartedly placed inside elaborate scenarios. The collection was put together by art director Marek Farkas who worked together with photographer Miro Minarovich and associate Jiri Horut, to turn out a delightful ad campaign for pet food company, Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

cat on camel

The campaign involves photographing puppies and kittens on make-believe sets constructed out of household items such as cushions, blankets, and even brooms.  These backdrops make these feline and canine creatures look as if they are off to some adventure. To make each setting, the creative team initially sketched out ideas first. They then sourced everyday household items to bring the ingenious moments to life.  The result: you have puppies sailing off to sea on a basin boat, kittens on the backs of camels made from fabric, a puppy and a kitten soaring in a hot air balloon made from a cushion, and yellow rubber gloves serving as rays from a brightly shining sun.

puppy and kitten in basket

It is easy to fall for these charming and adorable little pets placed in a variety of imaginative backgrounds. The Hill’s Pet Nutrition campaign focuses on emphasizing the company as a source for balanced, nutritional pet food so that animal lovers and their pets can enjoy cheerful, healthy lives together. This project will definitely have pet-owners running to the nearest pet store to grab their supply of Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their favorite furry friends!

The images from the Life Is Adventure series drives home the message that our pets should exist in an environment where they can safely play and live, and that they stay healthy since they are getting the proper nutrition. While this idea and branding thrust for Hill’s Pet Nutrition is certainly not new, they surely pushed the right buttons with pet lovers in the execution of their concept. Life Is Adventure was inspired by the work of Slovak photographer Miro Švolík, who tossed around this creative idea in the mid-nineties.

dog on boat

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