Rabbit Enthusiast Documents First 30 Days of Newborn Rabbits


A fellow who goes by the name Arefin on boredpanda is a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with an uncommon passion. For nearly a year he has been photographing his pet bunnies that he adopted.

rabbit photo

Obviously Arefin has taken to the cute little animals quite fervently. For him, not only are they lovable companions, but this unassuming creatures can also be great in front of the camera. The last time Arefin shared some photos on the internet, people from all over reacted positively, saying the bunnies were adorable. That outpouring encouraged him to continue his project, but this time was going to be a bit different.

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Not too long ago, one of his bunnies, ‘Tooni’ gave birth to four babies. It was such a wonderful and happy moment for Arefin, who ofcourse celebrated the event through what else?! More pictures! What he shares with the world are these tiny, fragile little things that are so small they fit in the palm of his hand.

rabbit photography

Rabbits are an extremely loving, social animal. They not only love to spend time with people, but they need it. Take away human interaction and rabbits can get really bored, often times to the point of loneliness and depression.

portrait rabbit photo

Toys can sometimes distract them of their boredom, but they still require attention and interaction from people. Most rabbits also take pleasure in having another rabbit as a companion. They make for delightful, intelligent companions for people.

Every bunny has a different personality just like a human does, as Arefin has so delightfully discovered. He has enjoyed every minute documenting the first weeks of the newborn bunnies.

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“Each and every day from their birth was special to me. Watching them growing up every day, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet… everything was just so special and magical to me! I thought I’d try to capture those moments and share the happiness with other people. As I already photographed bunnies, this time it was easy to do, and because I was with them from their birth, they are very comfortable with me. I just let them play around and act cute while I keep pressing my shutter.”

Arefin hopes that these images will put a smile on people’s faces, making them also appreciate bunnies.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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