Recreational Drugs Put Onto Exposed Negative Film in ‘All You Can Feel’

Sarah Schoenfeld LSD

It is no secret that recreational drugs put you in a condition of altered states. Stories of psychedelic experience and dreamlike feelings of unexplained ecstasy or euphoria are all hallmarks of the recreational drug. This is what those substances can do, induce illusionary experience and emotion, often sought by those who wish to mask other emotions that come about in the normal course of reality.

Sarah Schoenfeld ecstasy

Oddly enough, when these same drugs were physically examined more closely, they visually appeared just as psychedelic as the effects they stimulate. This was the discovery of German artist Sarah Schönfeld as she squeezed droplets of different recreational legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto exposed negative film as part of a project called All You Can Feel.

Sarah Schoenfeld heroin

The series attempts to visually reinterpret the physiological and psychological imbalance of substances in the human body. Quite similar to the chemical effect of some of these drugs on people, the shapes and colors that revealed themselves were quite queerly some of the specific qualities and characteristics of each drug.  Every image showed a vibrant and intricate chemical universe particular to each substance.

Sarah Schoenfeld speed

Schönfeld was most astonished with the results, being a habitué of rowdy Berlin night spots and their ensuing lifestyle. She has firsthand knowledge of the recreational drug experience. Blowing up the drug smears to large scale prints revealed a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, mirroring the altered states these substances can mentally induce.

Sarah Schoenfeld ketamine

All You Can Feel is an unashamed pursuit to find out the peculiar physical make-up of these forbidden substances. The experiment also lends credence to the saying that you are what you are, if peeled and revealed to the core. Every magnified image was just as psychedelic physically, as they were chemically. From speed to caffeine, All You Can Feel by Schönfeld makes the experiential, visual.

Sarah Schoenfeld MDMA

See the revealing All You Can Feel here.

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