Remarkable Landscape Photography of Europe Captured Moments Before Sunrise

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Professional landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger began his professional career in 2006, and already he is quite renowned for his work, notable of which is the photographic illustrations of the Brothers Grimm. Born in 1985, the 29 year-old again shot some remarkable pictures for his latest series of mysterious dense fog over mountains of central Europe.

Kilian Schoenberger

The countries involved are the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and France. Each picture had to be taken at the perfect moment just before dawn. According to Schönberger, it can be difficult to wait for this brief window of opportunity. It also involves a lot of resolve.

Kilian Schoenberger landscape photo

“It doesn’t make sense to go to bed before starting the photo expeditions. In those cases, I’m staying awake the whole night and then I try to catch some sleep afterwards. But you can’t do this for too many days in a row.” He further states “fog covers the landscape like a white veil.”

Kilian Schoenberger landscape photography

Schönberger uses his car and hikes partially to get to the ‘sweet spot’ to take the perfect picture of the fog, and can wait anywhere from an hour to four hours. As he said, sometimes he will pull an all-nighter, just to make sure the ideal shot does not escape him. He also finds pleasure in the unique experience of ascending the mountains during the very early morning hours, finding the activity a very special activity.

 landscape photo Kilian Schoenberger

“When it’s still dark during the walk everything is calm except some night animals like the owls. The anticipation grows when the eastern sky starts to gently glow. Around 30 minutes before sunrise, the best stage of the morning starts. The intensity of colors reaches its peak and, due to the indirect light, everything appears smooth. Those are the moments that touch one’s soul in a very meditative way. I really prefer this time instead of the actual sunrise.”

 landscape photographer Kilian Schoenberger

You can see more of his remarkable landscape photography in his website.

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