Remarkable Landscape Photos of Hokkaido, Japan

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Photographer Kent Shiraishi works and resides in a small village of Biei, Japan in the heart of the Hokkaido Island. Although quite far from the big cities, this does deter Kent from being a well-known photographer. He garnered the prestigious second place in the National Geographic Photo Contest of 2011.

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His photographs were also patronized by famous companies, notable of which is Apple. Kent keeps busy by managing a small hotel, and in his extra time teaches photography. Shiraish specializes in landscape photography and being from Hokkaido, concentrates his work with pictures from the Japanese prefecture, notable of which is the one that won him his coveted prize as runner-up from the National Geographic contest.

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Hokkaido literally means “Northern Sea Circuit”, and was formerly known as Ezo, Yeso, Yezo, or Yesso. It is Japan’s second biggest island. It is also the northernmost as well as largest of Japan’s 47 prefectures. The Tsugaru Strait divides Hokkaido from Honshu, but the two islands are linked by the underwater railway Seikan Tunnel.

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The largest city on Hokkaido is Sapporo, its capital. One might look at Shiraishi as an ambassador of sorts for the island as he generously features Hokkaido in many of his images, such as one from Biei.

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He wrote this to accompany one such image, saying, “The picturesque pond can be a stunning emerald green. In October last year, I captured this shot of the green pond with snow covered trees. The artificial pond was created as part of an erosion control system that was built to prevent damage to Biei in case of an eruption by nearby Mt.Tokachi. This pond is a beautiful blue usually. But, October of last year, when the first snow fell,the beautiful blue pond turned spectacularly green. All are nature’s tints. What a dreamy spot for photographers.”

landscape photo kent shiraishi

He also wrote on a separate occasion that he plans to promote Hokkaido even more through his artistry.

“I’m a Hokkaido’s Samurai Photographer.  I would like to make “Hokkaido” into a more famous tourist resort in the world.”

Have a look through Shiraishi’s commendable work.

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