Remarkable Light Painted Portraits Created In-Camera in One Exposure


Photographer Jason D. Page raises the bar for light painting, as he draws portraits of iconic figures from the previous century. Featuring personalities from Hollywood, politics, science and pop culture, Page skillfully executes remarkable likenesses of the famous figures using the intricate process of light painting. Simply but aptly called the Icons series, every person’s likeness was cut into a stencil, after which they were light painted in 5 similar but not precisely similar variations, hence making every image a distinctive work of art.

marilyn monroe portrait

The results are quite remarkable, with resemblances rather distinct with the actual faces of Bill Clinton, John Lennon, James Dean, Marylyn Monroe, Albert Einstein as well as a few others. These are all un-edited, painted with handheld light sources and taken in one exposure. Believe it or not, all the images were created in camera, except for some minor cropping and deletions of dead pixels.

john lennon portrait

The images are neatly framed on a polished sheet of white aluminum ultra gloss material in the size of 45″x45″, giving them a classy look.

act or portrait

Page takes the time to elaborate on how he does his work in his website, which he says began in late 2004,

“My light paintings are created in almost total darkness. I work in a 3 dimensional space and paint with light just as a traditional painter would with oils or acrylics, except my medium IS light. To capture my light painting work I use a photographic technique know as long exposure photography. I open the shutter of my camera for an extended period of time and use various light sources to create color and designs within the frame. Every light painting is unique and unrepeatable.

smoking portrait

To produce my images I use everything from ordinary household flashlights to chemical concoctions of nitrate and potassium chlorate to create explosions of light. There is no photo editing used to create anything see in my images. All of my light painting images are created in real time and captured to the camera in one single photographic frame.”

albert einstein portrait

See his amazing light painting creations here.

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