Remarkable Photos of Wildlife Against Beautiful Natural Backgrounds

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Mark Bridger is an avid amateur photographer, who pursued wildlife photography as a hobby just 5 years ago, thanks to his wife who bought him his first camera. Bridger is essentially into nature and the wild life, which can be range from anything from bugs to beasts.  Besides that, Bridger also likes to turn his camera on his little 4 year old boy.

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Bridger attributes his keen interest in the natural world to his formative years while growing up. As a kid himself, Bridger remembers the time he used to spend on the beach in Dorset England looking for fossils or collecting all kinds of beetles and bugs from their backyard, memories which prompted him to go in the direction of nature photography.

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The first subject he photographed on his new Canon 40D was a cluster of fallow deer at a place known as Knole Park in Sevenoaks UK. While the images were no more than snap shots, the experience really ignited his interest in wildlife photography. Not long after this Bridger knew that he needed to buy a longer lens, a macro lens, flash as well as other gear to go the whole nine yards.

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Eventually, this led Bridger to a website, Photography-on-the-net, a site that is basically a Canon shooters forum. It was through this forum that Bridger learned the ropes and nitty-gritty of photography, not to mention some new friends.

deer in nature

His other passion, which is to take photographs of his 4 year old son, has also led him to purchase a Canon 5Dmk2, which apparently has opened the door to another field in photography, weddings. Bridger shoots about a dozen nuptials a year which helps defray the cost for the kit he uses for his wildlife work. Not a bad set-up. Bridger offers some unsolicited advice to others planning to make the big leap to photograph professionally.

photo of deer in nature

“Well, I think you take the best pictures of a subject you love. For me it’s wildlife, which hopefully shows in my work. For a friend of mine, airplanes are what he loves and his shots are just awesome. It’s also important to learn from other people. I have found and learnt so much from the forum I comment on. Just talking to others while you’re out and about is good too. Most people will give you tips if they can.”

wildlife photography

Here are some of his works photographing the wildlife.

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