Rock Faces Painted with Light from a Flashlight, the Moon and the Stars

rock face illuminated by flashlight
Neal Grundy has been busy experimenting with some of his passions and interests these past four years. Photography, light painting and rock climbing are all keen, intense subjects for Grundy, and he has been successfully combining these three in a photo series.

rock face lit by flashlight moon stars

Illuminating the surfaces of sizeable cliffs, he has created these glowing, ethereal like rock images taken in the night. Grundy shoots these pictures in the Central Weald area of South England situated between the parallel chalk escarpments of the North and the South Downs, working all by himself.

neal grundy rock faces

Illuminating the huge rock surfaces with light from his torch, the only other help he gets is from the shining moon and the glow of a star filled night. Grundy’s technique uses exposure times of up to 60 minutes for each photograph. This method allows him to “fully capture the ambiance of the sky and the light trails from stars.” This also reveals other things normally invisible to the naked eye, as described below,

“Whilst the images are exposed a Neal climbs a particular ‘line’ or route whilst wearing a head torch. This illuminates the route and traces the movements of the ascending climber resulting in a striking juxtaposition between natural forms and artificial light. Areas of concentrated light indicate the more difficult ‘crux’ moves of the routes climbed, which may have taken the climber longer to complete.”

vertical rock face

Grundy is based in his studio in Central Brighton, and has 7 years experience under his belt. His regular gear choices are a Nikon D700, Carl Zeiss lenses, Einstein e640 and Elinchrom lighting equipment, and an iMac or Macbook pro for post work. He has worked doing album covers for various mainstream music artists and has a growing portrait collection of both solo artists and groups. Among his growing list of A-list clients are David Redman ltd, Ultra-Marine Partnership Ltd, Specs Opticians, Tron Electric, Shoot bamboo, Underscore design, Golf Punk, Metal Hammer Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, PPL ltd, and Sony/BMG, to name a few.

rock face lit by moon, stars and a flashlight

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