Serene Landscape Photos of the English Countryside

ross jenkinson

Both genteel and rustic, nothing can quite compare with the English countryside with its rolling hills, woodlands, dales and charming winding country roads. English folk have all the luck as they have this storied countryside to explore and relax in. Ross Jenkinson does justice to the English landscape, areas described to most Brits as “England’s green and pleasant land”.

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The Australian-born, but London-based photographer personally captured these images of England that are depicted in so many classic novels. Viewable are images of pastoral beauty that are unique to the English countryside. One is reminded of novels by Emily Bronte and Charles Dickens as we gaze at the dreamy photographs that could have been taken centuries ago, as these areas look virtually untouched by any modernity.

ross jenkinson UK

Inviting green meadows as well as Rocky Mountains put you in the mood for a Victorian inspired tale. But Jenkinson merely touches the tip of the iceberg with what’s in store in these splendid locations.

ross jenkinson english landscape

One can tour grand interiors of historic estates similar the mansion in the hit TV series Downton Abbey, or go frolicking in any one of the majestic surrounding gardens. You can also travel back in time with tours of old stone circles and relics of castles, or walk through quaint villages and market towns just like those seen in another British TV series, Midsommer Murders. There you could choose to live like a local during earlier times, feasting on farm cheeses, freshly drawn milk as well as cream teas.

english landscape ross jenkinson

The fabled English countryside has so much to offer, and Jenkinson should reprise his first series with more images of rural England. No wonder the great poets and novelists especially of the Romantic and Victorian eras wrote so much of these idyllic settings that somehow have managed to stay the same despite all the modernity that seems to have corrupted so many once beautiful locations.

ross jenkinson UK

See Jenkinson’s English countryside shots here.

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