Serene Nature Scenes Captured by Colorblind Photographer

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Kilian Schoenberger shot some breathtaking rural woods behind his home to produce additional images for his European landscapes collection. The series shows compellingly beautiful and serene scenes sometimes enveloped in mist to create some stunning landscapes. What surprises most folks is the fact that the German photographer is colorblind.

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Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the condition of lacking the capacity to see color, or distinguish color differences, typically during normal lighting circumstances. It affects a noteworthy percentage of individuals.  No real blindness exists but there is an insufficiency of color vision. The most common reason is a flaw in the development of one or more sets of retinal cones that distinguish color in light which convey that information to the optic nerve.

Kilian Schoenberger landscape photo

Schoenberger belongs to that minority of people who suffer from this condition, but it certainly does not show in his images. He compensates by having a buddy check his work before he finalizes to print. He recently enlightened on how he deals with the color blindness, “I don’t have to separate singular colors visually and can totally concentrate on the structure for a convincing image composition.”

Kilian Schoenberger landscape photography

Schoenberger uses a Canon 5D Mark II, the Canon 24mm TSE and Canon 17mm TSE lenses to shoot his beautiful images. His type of colorblindness cannot distinguish red from green, but this has certainly not deterred him from being one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers.

landscape photography Kilian Schoenberger

For his woodsy landscape series he searched most of Middle Europe just to locate idyllic locations that for him were laced with an aura of mystery as well as an understated authority. He shared more of his creative process, saying “Others are doing yoga – I am ascending mountains in the darkness of the night. Immersing in my own tranquil world step by step. The stoic rhythm of hiking through the gloom – the gently looming dawn and finally the satisfying moment when I reach my final location.”

landscape photography Kilian Schoenberger photo

See his amazing work here.

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