Series of Brooding Landscape Photographs of Balmedie Beach During Inclement Weather


Dark Beach is a series of brooding landscape photographs that are an exploration of Balmedie beach during inclement weather. Under these bleak conditions the beach is devoid of people, desolate and uninviting. Though most beaches and coastal photographs are shot in glorious weather, David Langan does the opposite by documenting the beach under inhospitable conditions. They take on a dark beauty that would look perfect for a dramatic Victorian novel. In his website, Langan wrote about his passion for the outdoors.

“My love of the outdoors and landscape photography is indistinguishably entwined.  When I first started landscape photography, having a camera was a great excuse to get out and experience the awe inspiring Scottish landscape…. Now my photographs go beyond the literal, revealing the hidden rhythms and nuances of the landscape.”

dark-beach-7 dark-beach-6 dark-beach-5

Balmedie is a rapidly growing area in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. It can be found north of Aberdeen city, in the civil parish of Belhelvie. The wide and long beach is flanked by an extensive dune system that extends 23 kilometers from Aberdeen to a bit north of the Ythan Estuary at Newburgh. The Balmedie dunes are a considerable area of stable grassland, which supports a vast number of wildlife. Shot under somber conditions by Langan, he reveals a dark side to the coast. “The Dark Beach is not a celebration of such weather. It is more an appreciation of the melancholy and somber atmosphere the beach assumes during murky and incremental climes.”

dark-beach-3 dark-beach-2 dark-beach-1 dark-beach-8

The Aberdeenshire-based Langan specializes in landscape photography. The body of work in his website shows his artistic journey through images as he attempts to create inventive and evocative photographs which depict the nuances of the various landscapes. In it he wrote briefly of the stunning coastal areas within reach.

“Living in the North East of Scotland has given me access to some of the most stunning and least known, photographically, coastal areas found anywhere in Scotland or the UK (especially the Moray Coast).”

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

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