Single Composite Made from Photo Sequences Shot over 2-4 Hours Show Slices of Time

time is a dimension

Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei believes that time is a dimension, and he explores that hypothesis by shooting cityscapes and landscapes from a stationary position’ over a 2-4 hour duration.  He then digitally splices the images to create a layered photo that reveals incremental timeframes.  Fong Qi Wei purposely shoots at sunset or sunrise to attain the widest possible range of light.

time is a dimension collage layered

photo sequences time is a dimension

Here he philosophically muses on his theory of time as a dimension,

“The basic structure of a landscape is present in every piece. But each panel or concentric layer shows a different slice of time, which is related to the adjacent panel/layer. The transition from daytime to night is gradual and noticeable in every piece, but would not be something you expect to see in a still image.

Similarly, our experience of a scene is more than a snapshot. We often remember a sequence of events rather than a still frame full of details. In this series, I strive to capture both details and also a sequence of time in a single two-dimensional canvas. I hope it makes you pause and reconsider what you experience versus what you shoot with your next camera phone.”

single composite

layered collage

Fong Qui Wei further elaborates on the concept behind his series, which is aptly called Time is a Dimension.

“Most paintings and photographs are an instance of time. That’s not the way the world works. We experience a sequence of time, and that’s why a video is somehow more compelling than a freeze frame. I work in the confines of a photographic print, because I like to do so. But in a way, I wanted to break out of this restriction of a single slice of time in photography…”

slices of time in photo

It is indeed a very compelling and exciting concept, and Fong Qui Wei’s work, once explained truly takes on a much more profound visual experience, having heard his thoughts on Time is a Dimension.

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