Snowy Mug Shots with Oliver Turpin

Wheel of Me

Take advantage of snowfall and photograph the imprints of your face in snow. Why? Because you can and they make for cool-looking pictures…and Halloween decorations. Photographer Oliver Turpin’s series called Snow Portraits looks quite bizarre, but well-executed. By pressing his face into snow 15-20cm thick, it left an impression which he then photographed using a flash placed below a glass table.

It’s a simple setup, so the real star is the concept. I don’t think I’ve ever come across photo projects exactly like this one, so it’s a welcome surprise in our growing niche. Most of what we see today are just remakes of older ones but with slight modifications here and there. Nothing is really ‘original’ anymore, or so they say. This one, however, doesn’t feel overdone as of yet. When it comes to snow imprints, they’re usually of footprints, handprints or snow angels, not strange-looking mug shots.

Unfortunately, the eyebrows were lost during the making of this series. I’m sure it makes Turpin look creepier than he does in real life. The effect almost looks as if the photos were inverted. One of the people who commented mentioned how pressing Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + 8 which inverts your screen, makes the photo appear ‘normal’, but Turpin responded saying, “Hey Guys, no IR, no Inversions. Paul Puiia has it right, wireless flashes underneath a Glass topped table and about 15-20cm of snow. Shots taken at night, from above the table.”

photo of man in snow
photo of man in snow
Frozen in Time
photo of man in snow
photo of man in snow
Metal Ice

To see more of Oliver Turpin’s work, visit his Facebook page here.

Overall, I think this is a fun concept that anyone can do, children especially. What’s better than bringing an impressive photo series to show and tell? Are you looking for a creative senior portrait idea? Why not do a less creepy version of this. Maybe a fashion shoot of just imprints would look really interesting as well.

If you’ve done snow imprints before or know of anyone who has a series like this one, feel free to comment down below!

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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