Soap, Milk, Acrylic paint, Water and Guar Gum Make Up These Remarkable Liquid Sculptures

marcus reugels

Using no more than a Sony SLR camera, a flash and a timing device, German photographer Markus Reugels created his delightful liquid sculptures. Using guar gum as a thickening agent for water creating a more dense consistency, he was able to make a remarkable range of effects and patterns through elaborate timing and extremely precise amounts of droplets.

droplets macro

Reugels recently spoke about this very specialized subject matter that he seems to have perfected,

“I’ve been shooting these drops for 3 years, and I haven’t lost the fire for this passion at all. There are so many things you can make with water. Shot them with a Pellet, bend it with an air stream, work with fountains, soap bubbles, smoke, the combinations are endless and only limited by the imagination. I like to look at little things we don’t consider in our lives. With Photography it´s possible to capture such subjects in a single photo. Humans must see the World more with the “Childs eyes” and photography can help to show such moments.”

marcus reugels droplet

The 34-year-old Reugels lives in a little village near Schweinfurt/Germany, and is a relatively new shutterbug. He acquired his first camera a mere four years ago with the intent to take decent family pictures. Once he got to tinkering with his camera, Reugels wanted more from the gadget, exploring macro and high-speed imaging.


He is totally self-taught, reading a lot on-line and from books about the fundamentals. Reugels secret to success is having fun while doing what he does. He also likes to experiment a lot, and does not mind the process of trial and error.


Obviously, this work ethic pays off for him, judging from how his series of delightful droplets turned out. Using different types of materials like soap, milk, acrylic paint, water, and other substances, his liquid structures are amazingly enchanting. It would also be worth noting that Reugels did not use Photoshop in any of these incredible images.

macro droplets

See his unique body of work here.

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