Solitary Van Captured Against Stunning Backdrop of Portuguese Coastline and Starry Night Sky

photo series a van in the sea

Being out on the road, all alone in your vehicle has its singular pleasures. Ask any avid camper and they will tell you that there is nothing like being out on the road, carefree, and just free-wheeling as each day comes. This is exactly the bug that bit Alessandro Puccinelli.

a van in the sea

When the photographer purchased a van, he began a little adventure driving through the Portuguese’s coasts. It is easy to get envious of this little journey of Puccinelli in his cozy little camper vehicle. The series is entitled A Van In The Sea, and in it, Puccinelli captures lovely images of the different stopovers by the edge of the sea where he parks his white camper. From a distance the van is a solitary vehicle, visible only because of its illumination of light as nightfall comes on the beach. The vehicle looks much like a lighthouse would in the middle of the night by the dark seashore.

a van in the sea photo series

This little adventure began in 2011 when Puccinelli decided to buy an old but comfortable and cozy 1983 model motorhome Hymer.  In this vehicle he drove along the south coast of Portugal in some of his favorite places along the European coastline.

Alessandro Puccinelli a van in the sea

The trip was a personal indulgence for Puccinelli, enjoying every moment of it while taking shots for his photography project. He did the road trip again last year with his collection, A Van In The Sea, and hopes to repeat the same experience again this year. Puccinelli himself summed-up his relationship with both the road and sea in his Facebook page.

Alessandro Puccinelli

“To some extent the sea is my guide through life; I think of the sea as an example and a source of knowledge; The presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect with that internal equilibrium which, as a human being I, all too easily, lose. The sea brings me clarity of thought, its waves, as described by Jack London, are ‘the knights of the infinite sea army,’ bearing simplicity, elegance, power and freedom. Inseparable virtues which lead us to a greater and a healthier human condition….”  Puccinelli went on to say this of what he thinks the future may hold for him.

a van in the sea Alessandro Puccinelli

“In the future, I envisage myself as a photographer on an eternal exploration of the worlds I hold most dear, amongst which, of course, is the Ocean.”

See the incomparable freedom of living on the road in A Van in the Sea here.

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