Spectacular Images of Individuals Bravely Perched Atop Majestic Mountains

roberto bertero

Photographer and musician Roberto Bertero takes some rather spectacular images of individuals bravely perched atop majestic mountains, depicting them as they gaze out into the vast panoramas. It is an impressive collection of images made by the Italy-based Bertero.

man overlooking

Every image is a tribute to the unparalleled splendor of nature, as well as man’s consuming love for it. It is this insatiable appetite for nature that drives individuals to seek the glorious views only possible from laborious adventures to the summit of mountains. High up and nearing the clouds, there is an almost spiritual aura to these magnificent vistas. Somewhat of a purist for in camera shots, Bertero avoids post digital manipulation.

roberto bertero landscape

Being a musician intrigued by both photography and mountains, Bertero seriously took up photography in 2007. Traversing the Alps which is his favorite playground, he captured these beautiful images, which taken at a very high altitude, have hardly any retouching. Bertero had this to say of his guiding philosophy when it comes to his photography.

landscape roberto bertero

”In my opinion a picture comes from a desire, it develops into an idea, converging in the subsequent active commitment in realizing it, with will, deployment of resources, time, knowledge, money and, in case of mountain photography, a lot of physical/mental effort.

This undertaking is on the spot. Therefore, it is essential a great knowledge of the places we want to capture. What they potentially can offer and when… with all possible approximations, because we work in direct contact with the unpredictable forces of nature.

person on top of mountain

The study of the exposure to the cardinal points is essential, as well as the study of the night sky on special maps for stars shooting.

We also need mountaineering-survival equipment suited to the places where we want to venture.

Post-production must be never invasive, in full respect to the supreme art of nature and to the enormous efforts made on the spot. Rather a valuable support to compensate the intrinsic limitations of our cameras.”

man on the edge of cliff

See Bertero’s awe-inspiring images here.

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