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Stuart Gibson was always fascinated by cameras and filming, so turning into a shutterbug was inevitable. After borrowing a friend’s Canon EOS 5, he fell in love with still photography, amazed with the quality of pictures the new technology could shoot. He would also dabble in shooting 35mm slide film, which for him is still the litmus test for all bonafide photographers.

stuart gibson

Gibson has captured some spectacular images of the Tasmanian surf’s beautiful breaks in his photography. His brilliant work often involves hours of travelling by automobile, boat or on foot to these fabulous beaches. He has developed an inimitable style, typically using of a fish eye lens that distinguishes his photos from other work. At just 22, Gibson has done much for the sport generating interest   for many top surfers and the state of Tasmania.


His work has appeared nationally and is usually featured in Australia’s Surfing Life, one of the country’s top surfing magazines. Aloha ad, The Herald Sun, The Mercury and various internet websites have also carried his prolific work. Being a surfer himself, Gibson is in his element when at work and quite an authority on Tasmanian surfers, the best spots, and wave shapes.

He is arguably at the top of his profession, even though new behind a camera having started a mere 18 months ago.

stuart gibson surfer

He counts fellow Tasmanian and professional photographer Sean Davey as a key inspiration and mentor, as he pointed out in his website, saying,

“He’s always keen to lend a helping hand, which I’m ever so grateful for! But I think to become a great photographer it’s not really about who inspires you, but more what inspires you. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the finer detail all the time, but that’s where you will generally find the key elements that make a memorable image. I’m still learning so much in the photo world but I’m having so much fun doing it. I truly can’t think of a better job.

stuart gibson surfing photo

My main passions are surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. But my photos are more than 90% surfing, or in the water in some way. I was practically born surfing so it’s hard to be away from the coast for too long. My life as a photographer consists of traveling, swimming, sun, and sitting behind a computer – a lot!”

surfing photo stuart gibson

See Gibson’s amazing work over at his website.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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