Spectacular Long Exposure Photography Examples of the Night Sky

The night has sent countless people through the ages into fits of prose and poetry, and why not? To gaze into the evening sky is one of the beautiful enigmas life has to offer.  For the Austria-based photographer and dentist Nicholas Roemmelt, such awe-inspiring images can be seen from his own backyard in Tyrol, Austria.

nicholas roemmelt

All he needs to do is prepare a backpack and trek toward the mountains. This is just one of the ways he captures striking images of serene, picturesque views of the evening sky. Roemmelt’s lovely nightscape photography features countless numbers of shining stars set against a dark, vividly-purple and blue space.

nicholas roemmelt long exposure photo examples

Roemmelt claims that he fell in love with shooting in the evening since it has an appeal all its own, and its magical appearance is incomparable. His photography uses long exposure times and requires the patience of a very persistent man. The outcomes of such fortitude though, are pictures of the galaxy untainted by urban artificial light pollution.

nicholas roemmelt long exposure

The images are also met in the horizon by majestic rock formations that have an awesome presence once the sun sets. These images remind us to pause, slow down, and relish the beauty of the world that sadly we so often overlook or take for granted.

nicholas roemmelt long exposure photo example

40-year-old Roemmelt loves nature, which is very much a part of his daily existence. “Landscape photography as well as wildlife are the main subjects of my interest and lately I fell in love with nature nightscape photography and timelapse movies, because of their own laws and magic. When I’m not out in the mountains, with my wife and my two dogs, hunting for the next shot, or traveling one of the wonderful National Parks of the USA, you could find me in my private dental clinic working as a dentist.”

nicholas roemmelt long exposure photographer

See his breathtaking work here.

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