Spectacular Photographs Taken Beneath Iceland’s Biggest Glacier

kate friend

It might be a common reaction, but one cannot help liken these cavernous glacier images with the fabled Fortress of Solitude of Superman.  This incredibly huge and awesome ice cave can be found inside Vatnajökull, Iceland’s biggest glacier, as documented by photographer Kate Friend, who shot a dramatic and spectacular collection of photographs inside this 8000 sq.km. mass of solid ice. Before you can ask, the answer is NO, these images were not color enhanced with Photoshop.  The blues are extremely vivid, deep and lustrous, so much so that they look digitally manipulated.


As climate change would have it, Vatnajökull is thawing one meter each year. All the more, these images take on a posterity role, since we don’t know how the place will look after another year has passed.


Kate Friend is actually not your typical trekking, adventurous type of shutterbug. Friend is better known for her stylish fashion editorials in publications such as Dazed Digital, The Sunday Times as well as a magazine she created on her own called ‘Mother’.  Breaking loose from her usual routine, she elected to try something different and off to Iceland she went.

kate friend iceland

What she came up with were this stupendous series of photos documenting the unbelievable interior chambers of Vatnajökull. Friend says what we are seeing in the photos is pretty much how it looks in person. There is one image where a solitary person is standing underneath a huge ice formation, and it lends perspective to the enormity of this place.

glacier photo kate friend

“The story follows a timeline, from the winding and very lonely road through volcanic plains and gale force winds, to the entrance of the ice cave (a crack in the glacial surface), and to the cathedral-like interior of the glacier. It might seem hard to believe but the images have not been colour-altered,” said Friend. You have to see it to believe it.

kate friend iceland's largest glacier

Go on over to her website to see the mammoth glacier along with her other work.

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