Spectacular Photos of Geysers in Northern Chile

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Found amongst the Andes Mountains of northern Chile, El Tatio is the biggest geyser field in the southern hemisphere in addition to being the third largest in the whole world. El Tatio has over 80 active geysers and literally thousands of visitors come to see the fantastic mineral formations and to bathe in hot geyser water every year.

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Tourists typically arrive early morning when each geyser is surmounted by a column of steam that condenses in the cold dawn air. The steam plumes slowly fade away as the air warms up. Its name directly translated means ‘the grandfather’, and it is among the highest-elevation geyser fields anywhere. El Tatio’s geysers erupt to a typical height of about 75 centimeters, with the tallest eruption being around 6 meters.

el tatioInteractive web designer and visual artist Owen Perry recently visited El Tatio and yielded some stunning shots from the trip. Perry’s photos engage your eyes and keep you quite riveted. One can visually explore every single crevasse of these other worldly looking landscapes that look beautifully surreal and treacherous at the same time.

chile geysers

Perry explained some of his photography principles recently in an interview saying,

“A well-composed photo with great light shouldn’t require a massive amount of editing, and I’ve always sort of stuck with that philosophy when it comes to taking photos or working with software. That said, my personal editing style arises from digital film emulation software from companies like VSCO.

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Without those guys — and Lightroom — it wouldn’t be possible, outside of shooting film itself, to achieve a lot of the unique tone mixes you see in my work. While I use VSCO Film and Lightroom for DSLR shots, all my iPhone photos are edited on the iPhone with software like Snapseed, PicFX, Afterlight and VSCO Cam.”

el tatio chile geysers

el tatio chile geysers photo

See images of El Tatio by Perry here.

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