Spectacular Photos of Iceland Shot During Winter

iceland in winterErez Marom has a passion for Iceland and he shares that enthusiasm through his spectacularly and breathtakingly captured photos shot in winter. The professional photographer states his love for the country unequivocally, saying, “I’ve spent over 3 months of my life in Iceland, all during winter, and I’ve captured many images of its magical frozen landscape. Black beaches adorned with countless diamond-like icebergs, glacial lagoons, ice-crusted waterfalls, Northern Lights, ice caves… Iceland in winter is a true paradise for photographers, one that I go back to every year to shoot and guide.”


Marom will, without doubt, enthuse and attract aspiring photographers with his splendid photography of the place. He superbly shot some astounding images as well as some marvelous phenomena that occur in Iceland during winter.

iceland landscape

Regardless of where you live, the fascination to travel to a place different from where you are from has universal appeal that is difficult to resist. The allure is even more, presumably if you are a landscape photographer.

iceland water frozen winter landscape

Based on these images shot by Marom, there are few places anywhere in the world that can offer as spectacular an outdoor show as Iceland. Arguably it could qualify as a photographer’s dream destination. Iceland’s landscape is incredible, with colossal glaciers, intensely black volcanic terrain, and soaring volcanoes. It is also easy on the wallet as airfare is quite reasonable, and in-land travel is easy to organize.

winter iceland fish

“Iceland has long been on my list of places to photograph. And not long ago, I had the opportunity to explore this incredible terrain and create some memorable images.” said an enthusiastic Marom.

iceland frozen waterfall

Iceland in winter is a radical departure from Iceland in summer, as most visitors often discover. Freezing temperatures, sub-zero winds and unforgiving conditions are common, however the rewards for the persistent photographer are accordingly rewarding. Be it ice fields that seem to go on forever, giant glaciers and ice caves in addition to the magical northern lights, this is no doubt a photographer’s paradise in winter.

frozen waterfall iceland

View Marom’s images of Iceland here.

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