Spectacular Photos of the Night Sky

night sky photography

In the modern world we live in, it may be difficult for some of us to stay away from our gadgets, the internet, or work, even if for brief periods of time. However if we were to behold fantastic scenic views like the ones shot by Nicholas Roemmelt shown here, we would perhaps even enjoy the absence of all the electronic toys. These stunning photos were shot across several European countries by Roemmelt, an Austrian-based photographer who also happens to be a dentist (or is it the other way around?) who is passionate about nature photography as well as time-lapse films.

night sky

In his artist profile he shared some personal information saying, “I’m a 40 years old ambitioned photographer living in Tyrol (Austria). The nature starts right in my backyard so I can put on my backpack and hike a mountain right from where I live. Landscape photography as well as wildlife are the main subjects of my interest and lately I fell in love with nature nightscape photography and time-lapse movies, because of their own laws and magic. When I’m not out in the mountains, with my wife and my two dogs, hunting for the next shot, or traveling one of the wonderful National Parks of the USA, you could find me in my private dental clinic working as a dentist.”

night sky photo

For Roemmelt, inspiring nature scenes begin in his own backyard. He just grabs a backpack and begins to walk towards the mountains. There he captures gorgeous images of serene, picturesque views. His nightscape photography shows countless numbers of bright stars set against a dim, richly-purple and blue sky.

night sky photos

Roemmelt says that he fell in love with working at night because of the magical scenes he is able to photograph. This style of photography uses long exposure times and needs much patience from the photographer.  The results are pictures of the galaxy that are not tainted by urban light pollution along with grand rock formations that have an incredible presence once dusk sets in.

night sky photographer

night sky photos

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