Spectacular Picturesque Images Shot Across Many Locations Across the Globe

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Finn Beales is a world traveler as well as professional photographer and artist who shoots some spectacularly picturesque images throughout the globe. Beales has shot many beautiful locations across several continents which to name a few include India, Bangladesh, Iceland, Mexico, Columbia, Denmark, Wales, and Ireland. As Beales aims his lenses on people, places, objects, or events, his style is not to limit his subject matter. He tries to tell some kind of visual narrative in most of his exemplary documentary work.

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On this creative approach, Finn wrote on his website, “I prefer documenting something using a series of images, creating context by shooting incidental moments that work with the seller shots to develop a narrative or story-line. It helps to establish a sense of place, especially important when overseas and the audience is back at home.” If postcards were still all the rage, you would surely find Beales work plastered on some of those mementos.

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Beales is an award-winning director and photographer based in the Black Mountains of Wales. He is preceded by his renowned work for his breathtaking landscape photography on Instagram. Beales also shoots lifestyle as well as travel commissions for numerous global brands.

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His clients are particularly attracted and drawn to his work for their contemplative and cinematic style and approach, as well the ‘narrative he weaves’ throughout his body of work. Beales was featured on the official Instagram Blog this year where some of his techniques and skills were showcased, methods that some say practically makes him a painter. He is also heralded as one of Instagram’s finest storytellers.

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Despite his genius, Beales is also very generous in sharing what he knows, offering editing tricks, and revealing some treatment cocktails others would selfishly keep under wraps. Apparently there isn’t an iota of insecurity in the guy. He is well-liked in creative circles and continues to draw a large instagram following. On his part, he says he likes to follow the work of others that contain “a good, consistent body of work.” Beales added that he likes “ a sense of humor or quirky personality that comes through via captions.”

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See his distinctly original style here.

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