Star Wars Themed Wedding Photo Shows AT-AT Walkers Stomping Across Shallow Waters

star wars wedding photo

May the Force be with you, (and in your wedding, too?) People seem to be getting more playful with their wedding pictures, coming up with out-of-the box ideas for their nuptial images. These photos came to be after Chicago-based wedding photographer Steven Kowalski learned that the couple had a replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. The happy couple, John and Mindy Doychich, are into “anything nerdy” so it was only natural that their wedding photos (and wedding cake!) head in that direction.

Bent on not being left out of all the creative freedom, he came up with a larger-than-life Star Wars-themed photograph for a wedding in Michigan, and the couple were obviously both fanatical Star Wars followers. “They had mentioned wanting to do something different,” Kowalski told Huffington Post. “I had the idea for them to be looking up at an epic battle.”

“For those wondering, the AT-AT’s are not walking on water – it’s just supposed to be shallow waters,” Kowalski tells us. “The heavy waves could be attributed to the gravitational force created by the Deathstar.” Those who wish to see a larger version of the “wedding” photograph can go over on the photographer’s Tumblr site.

before photo

As expected, the major work came later in post. Peeling the layers back, you can see that the original photo must have been pretty simple as you will be hard pressed to find AT-AT walkers around Tiscornia Park these days. Kowalski points out that it took him around 6 hours or so to carefully place the different elements from Star Wars in and around the photo, while the ‘before’ photo took a mere 5 minutes to set up as they were on a time crunch to get back to the reception.

He had this to say when asked if he had already envisioned the final image in his head prior to shooting,

“Yes and no. I knew that we were going to do something Star Wars themed, but I was not particularly certain what they’d be looking at. Originally, I figured I’d have them viewing an epic battle of sorts but given the limitations of using screencaps, this turned out to be too cumbersome to pursue. At the end, I really liked the idea of the bride and groom standing their ground in the face of an impossible challenge.”

Steven Kowalski discovered his passion in photography after starting his blog and shooting over 300 concerts in a span of 3 years. He now runs Winston and Khan, a photography studio which specializes in baby photography and family portraiture. He also shoots brides and models (fashion photography).

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