Strangely Conceived Images of Puzzling Illusions and Surreal Scenes

fish covering eyes

Oleksandr Hnatenko shares his creative ideas as he brings to life a photo series of surreal scenes. The collection called S. Real is presented in black in white with a strong contrast that mirrors its unusual themes. In every picture, the Austria-based photographer shares with his viewers his bizarre world filled with puzzling illusions.

man with umbrella

Hnatenko develops some strangely conceived images in which his human subjects merge with fish’s eyes as well as books topped by top hats,  and bodies weirdly  being consumed by a floor. These and other images that seem more like part of bizarre or disturbed nightmare that do not make any sense are all part of S. Real.

half man half woman

Hnatenko says,

“In the search for reality, you come across many things, some that are simple, some old, some new, some that are eye-catching, in color or in monochrome, visible things and some hidden from view, some things with sense and some without…Surreal moments are born out of this.”

man playing guitar

Hnatenko was born in Zolochiv, Ukraine, on the 27th of August 1986. He now resides and practices his profession in Vienna, Austria. 
Acquiring his first camera at the age of 8, he tried it out by taking photos at his uncle’s wedding. That event turned out to be an uneventful start.

books on head

After taking pictures at the important family event, he was confronted with the annoying fact that the camera had no film. It was a rather discouraging first experience with a camera. That however, did not deter him, as he tried taking pictures again soon. He has come quite a long way from that filmless gig, and today is pursuing much more profound themes, such as the vision and perspective which he tries to express in his photos.

woman circular shrub

legs and shoes

S. Real is one such vision, and you can view the collection here.

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