‘Stretcher Print,’ the Planet’s First Photographic Wall Art Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

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Co2nscience.com, a business based in Bradford, Yorkshire is an eco-company devoted to the planet and committed to innovation. Founded by Stuart Jones, the business was initiated because Jones was driven to find a way of repurposing the millions of plastic bottles that we use every year. While reusing this sea of bottles was a challenge in itself, finding the ingenious concept to repurpose used bottles into superb wall art was an absolutely win-win preposition. Dubbed as Stretcher Prints, one has to see it to believe this innovative way of re-using old plastic bottles.

stretcher print samples

This is precisely the reason why the folks over at Co2nscience chose to launch their amazing Stretcher Prints through Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site. Their goal is to repurpose 140,000 plastic bottles and turn them them into incomparable wall art.

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Jones himself made this pitch.

We’ve launched our project exclusively on Kickstarter because we feel that what we’re trying to achieve – and the innovation that we’ve come up with – will really resonate with the switched-on Kickstarter audience. With their help, we can spread the word far and wide and hopefully, in the not too distant future, create such a demand for the ubiquitous empty plastic bottle that very few end up in landfill – so important as they can take 500 years to decompose!

pioneer stretcher prints

Stretcher Prints come in 5 distinctive designs namely The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Adventurer, The Stargazer and The Creator. Every one of these prints is comprised of up to 22 recycled 50cl plastic bottles, all of which would otherwise be landfill stuff. One will be surprised to find that it is like soft fabric, feels felt-like and not at all like its original material.

Close up of print quality on 'Guardsman' Stretcher
Close up of print quality on ‘Guardsman’ Stretcher

The people at Co2nscience also collaborated with notable photographers to come-up with a varied array of style options for each environment.  The company also has the backing of the National Archives and Transport for London as well as the Press Association via a license to reproduce some of their world-renowned images.

Close up of print quality on Tube Map Stretcher
Close up of print quality on Tube Map Stretcher

So far, Stretcher Prints have already received some great reactions from those who have gotten the initial preview versions. It is the company’s hope that they can spur others to upcycle plastic bottles into other useful and innovative products, rather than have them turn into landfill material.

Go on over to their Kickstarter site here.

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