Striking Black and White Street Photography Examples

black and white

A typical photographer will take several years exploring the many niches in photographic style before arriving at a creative personality. This is a time consuming process where the truly artistic will assimilate, dispose, combine and ultimately create what hopefully is original.

black and white photo

For photographer Rui Veiga, the artistic journey he undertook took place in about a year, which is a relatively brief period. In this short amount of time he was able to realize his creative voice. His images are articulated in black and white, highlighting striking streaks of light and silhouettes of subjects.

black and white photography

These images contrast with linear shapes in the background. “I like taking pictures in black-and-white because it travels through time and adds a touch of supernatural,” says the Lausanne, Switzerland based artist. “It is a style that allows me to go straight to what inspires me.”

black and white street photo

Barely a year removed from when he started shooting, Veiga has transformed into a skilled lensman with a distinct style of shooting. There is some spontaneity to his technique, as he likes to wait for passing pedestrians to show up randomly in various locations. He also uses friends occasionally whom he gently direct to pose in front of his camera, framing them elegantly.

black and white street photography

So far, Veiga has created a stunning series of graphical photographs that of last count is followed by in excess of 58,000 individuals on Instagram. In recent interview Veiga shared some of his techniques. For instance, to get the ideal perspective he had this to say. “To start with, look for lines, shadows, perspectives or light sources in geometrical forms and place your subject on it.”

rui veiga black and white street photo

He also divulged some composition fundamentals. “Think of your composition and use the rule of thirds, so that your photos have more impact.” Veiga uses Lightroom for post-production work to create the monochromatic images, to fine tune perspectives, as well as to refocus and reframe.” He also uses Photoshop and Snapseed (on his Iphone6). His DSLR is a Canon 7D.

rui veiga black and white street photography

The clean details, the snappy composition and stark contrast all makes for a distinct viewing experience.  “It is a style that allows me to go straight to what inspires me”.

black and white street photography rui veiga

See Veiga’s inspiringly simple, yet exceedingly dramatic work here.

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