Striking Examples of Minimalist Photography


Adrienn Balaskó is a photographer with a genuine talent for making use of mirror imagery and symmetry in her work. She shows off this style typically in the form of water, involving other nature elements like birds, trees or people reflected on the tranquil water surface.

adrienn balasko photographer minimalist

One can get easily absorbed in the peaceful, calm atmosphere that Balaskó creates, which all possess a dreamlike, illusionary exterior. Balaskó who is Hungarian is a master at creating amazing minimalist, conceptual photography. Her work focuses on solitary elements surrounded by wide open skies and vast landscapes. Infrequently she manipulates her photos as a way of giving irony to a scene. The results are almost always surreal.

adrienn balasko photographer

The Budapest-based Balaskó is very skilled at producing visually striking scenes, as she relies on basic design elements like balance, reflections, and natural light to produce stylish and abstract compositions. Balasko derives inspiration from real life scenes: an open field, birds flying over a grassy field, lamp posts lined up, a tree on an island, a single boat floating on a lake, or a solitary man in a field. She then transforms these otherwise mundane images into amazingly minimalist compositions that emphasize the simple, still, and dramatic exemplifications of the world through her eyes.

adrienn balasko photography

Balasko does so by flipping things around, turning them upside-down, and reinvents what she visually perceives to produce the abstract works that can be beautifully bizarre. Some photographs are awash with bright, dynamic colors while others are in old-school monochrome, shifting the focus more on form, shape, light, and resonances of the objects.

adrienn balasko photographer series

This woman’s work often obscures the horizon lines so that sky and earth mutate into one single plane. The results are extremely engaging photographs that are both fascinating and perplexing at the same time.

adrienn balasko

See her conceptual work here.

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