Striking High Contrast Black and White Images of Waterfalls


Pictures of waterfalls by acclaimed photographer Massimo Margagnoni are shot in dramatic black and white. In stark monochromatic the falls take on a somewhat uncanny and strange look that is perhaps created by the bleak appearance of the images.

waterfalls black and white

Margagnoni who is also an author is well known for his landscape images shot in black and white. He developed a love for nature after making many trips around the globe and was inspired by the landscapes he saw as well as documentary photography by other lensmen. Margagnoni’s photography expresses the dynamic between nature, climate change and its relationship with the human being on many levels.

black and white waterfalls

His work has won several accolades in significant international competitions in modern photography. Margagnoni has been exhibited in several galleries throughout the world, such as in New York and the Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas and has been published by National Geographic USA and Italy, as well as in books and magazines in the USA and France.

waterfalls black and white photo

He has also has been hand-picked and shown by the Royal Photographic Society of London.  This year he published his first book on photography entitled: Photography of Being. Fotografia Dell’Essere. Manuale per la fotografia di alto livello. The book is sold exclusively in Italy. The 36 year-old Margagnoni resides in Nettuno, a  quaint town near Rome, and is pursuing his photography career searching geometric shapes and new landscapes to photograph.

monochrome waterfalls

He is partial towards images of forests rather than portraits and he loves to use black and white to transform ordinary sites into enchanted places. In his photos, reality becomes dream-like and invites the viewer to imagine immersing themselves in the imagery. Here in particular, images of waterfalls shot in black and white give off an eerie effect. He uses long exposure techniques to photograph the waterfalls of Norway and Iceland. Most of the series can be viewed on his Flickr account.

waterfalls monochrome

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