Striking Seascapes Capture the Remarkable Power of Nature

storm clouds

While the awesome power of nature’s fury can be one of the most frightening things to behold, there is also an inherent beauty in seeing it unleashed.  This series of striking seascapes captures the remarkable power of nature as it is expressed with the fine art of skilled photography. Shot by Montauk, New York-based photographer Dalton Portella, the photos have an inherent painterly-like character that depicts the threatening force of the sea during stormy weather.

storm clothes photo

Shadowy, menacing clouds and bolts of lightning pervade the sky while blankets of texture merge sea and sky together into one dazzlingly colored visual.

Choosing to be a full-time artist for the past 10 years, Portella usually tries to do some of his work in all the mediums he has mastered on a typical day. He resides on a sizable property along Old Montauk Highway.

storm clothes photo montauk

He has a generous yard, a bungalow in addition to a self-contained cottage studio. The layout of his studio has one area zoned for computer / digital work, another wall dedicated for painting, a wall for a storage unit and yet another wall for his other passion, some musical instruments.

dalton portella storm clothes photo

On how each day unfolds, he says, “Well the first thing I do every morning is check the surf, I can see it from the top of my lawn. If it’s good I’ll do a session for a few hours. If it’s great I’ll surf all day and then work all night. I don’t rest well if I’m not as productive as I can be all day.”

photo dalton portella storm clothes

Apparently a good day here is relative, since obviously he is referring to a stormy day for his dramatic seascapes. As every storm gains momentum and the ocean turns violent creating waves that could devour you, Portella is always there with his camera. He shoots those awesome moments sometimes getting precariously close to the action.

photo dalton portella storm clouds

He explains why sometimes it is necessary to get physically intimate with his subject, “With my art, I capture essence; the essence of places I’ve been, emotions I’ve felt, and the subjects I paint and photograph. I portray the broad range of the human experience.”

See his stunning work of the ocean building into a beautiful rage at his website.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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