Stunning Aerial Photography of Poland’s Lakes Shot Across Four Seasons

aerial photography poland

Photographer Kacper Kowalski’s aerial photos of Poland make for a flattering introduction to the country. Protruding into the southern Baltic sea, Pomerania in Poland is well-known for its great areas of forests that are scattered with lakes and winding rivers. The Kashubian Lake District is a land of enormous forests, rolling hills, untamed ravines speckled with giant boulders, colorful fields, picturesque villages, active rivers and hundreds of beautiful lakes.

During fall, the diverse forest sites turn into a sea of colors, with the leaves wilting at varying degrees while exposing the deep undergrowth as well as waterways. While airborne from paragliders and geoplanes, Kacper Kowalski has been photographing this beautiful area from the air for years. His glorious pictures demonstrate nature’s exquisiteness as it transforms through a year.

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Kowalski holds a degree in architecture, but was drawn to aircraft and camera instead. While indulging these twin passions, he spotted two very striking lakes and decided to document them as they alter with the four seasons. One lake is in Kashubia and another one in Pomerania. As pilot of the plane and photographer, Kowalski has the unique ability to control everything.

lake aerial photography

Kowalski  is an internationally-renowned artist who has received a number of noteworthy awards and recognitions, with the Nikon’s Nikkor 75th Anniversary Award (NPCI 2008-2009) being one of those distinctions. Nikon called his award-winning photographs “awe-inspiring thanks to its unique angle and its subject, a never-before-seen landscape.” Kowalski’s work was also given recognition by the World Press Photo award, National Geographic, Pilsner Urquell International Photography Award (IPA), Sony World Photography Award, Picture of the Year International (POYi) Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

poland aerial photography

Born in 1977, Kowalski graduated from the Technical University of Gdańsk. He studied architecture, which gave him an eye that would eventually entice him to photography. “By profession I am an architect, so I look at the world through my education – arranging everything in maps and drawings,” he says. Kowalski currently lives and works in Gdynia.

lake in poland aerial photography

See his amazing aerial work over at his website.

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