Stunning Aerial Photography of the Pacific Northwest Shot by Pilot-Photographer

aerial pacific northwest

For Gabhan Berry, nothing has made him appreciative of the world than the rare perspective through the window of his small airplane. From the air, the shapes of nature and human presence are visible across the landscape like a beautiful detailed puzzle. Every little facet of what you see is fascinating and keeps you almost spellbound, hypnotized by the view.

pacific northwest aerial photography

As it is often been pointed out by the wise, we need to change perspective constantly to see the inherent beauty in practically everything. A shift in point of view is almost an invaluable tool to appreciate life to the full. By altering perspective, we can once again be endeared to the world. For Berry, who is both a photographer and pilot, he discovered that one of the best ways to see things differently is to get in a plane and view things from a bird’s eye view.  While up there, he is constantly renewed by what he sees. Generously, Berry shot the perspective from the air to share with everyone.

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Of this endeavor, he said,

“This week, I published a collection of fine art aerial photographs of America’s Pacific Northwest. All of these images were captured while flying my small airplane low and slow over the mountains, cities, rivers and farmland of this region’s beautiful landscape.”

waterfall oregon

All of these images were shot while Berry flew his single engine airplane, flying slowly, as he said over the mountains, rivers, farmland, and various metropolises of the Pacific Northwest. Make no mistake about it; it is no easy task to shoot such wonderful images while piloting a small aircraft. For Berry, every time up in the air is an adventure, and to be prudent he must plan each sortie with meticulous precision. While it is a laborious way to produce art, the results look very much well-worth the effort.

aerial photo pacific northwest

See Berry’s low fly-by’s of the world as he sees it from his plane here.

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