Stunning Landscape and Human Interest Photos from Around the World

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Thailand-based photographer Weerapong Chaipuck captures stunning landscape and human interest photos from around the world while on his travels after leaving early from a profession in the field of medicine. Among those images are of Asia, an exotic, beautiful and enigmatic continent replete with breathtaking landscapes and awash with multihued cultures and traditions. These qualities are precisely what photographer Chaipuck is able to depict in his images. Viewing his work, it is difficult to believe that he got into photography as a second career, after opting for an retirement from the medical profession.

Weerapong Chaipuck asia

As can be easily ascertained from his work, he has a keen interest in landscape and travel photography, which is where he shares with us the many faces of amazing Asia. “To create a project, you must do homework about the place; which season and period of time are optimal for taking photographs, what is the vantage point, which lens should be used, and what your post production process is going to look like,” said Chaipuck.

Weerapong Chaipuck

While he employs a certain degree of Photoshop and other techniques to create his photos, he attributes the atmospheric character in his images to shooting at the right time of day. “When shooting landscapes, it is 100% natural, and pinpointing the exact time of day to shoot, whether that be 30 minutes before the sun begins to rise or 30 minutes before sunset, is a constant challenge. But that’s also what makes it all worth it,” shares Chaipuck.

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Going from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India, he is able to eavesdrop with his camera on the ordinary lives of locals in distant areas, provinces, and villages.  Through his pictures, he immerses himself in each country’s unique culture to show them as faithfully and  raw as possible.  It is an honest, body of work that hardly anyone from the continent would dispute.

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bangkok, thailand Weerapong Chaipuck

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See Chaipuck’s images of amazing Asia here.

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