Stunning Landscape Photos of Northern Italy’s Mountainous Region

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South Tyrol also referred to as Alto Adige is a superbly breathtaking place. It is an autonomous province located in northern Italy. South Tyrol is one of the two autonomous provinces that comprise the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. South Tyrol which is located entirely in the Alps is a rough, mountainous area, and it is exquisitely photographed by 23-year-old landscape and urban photographer Lukas Furlan.

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The province size is an area of 7,400 square kilometers with a total population of 511,750 inhabitants as of 2011 statistics. The city of Bolzano is its capital.

Furlan is at present studying in Vienna, Austria, however he lives in the picture perfect South Tyrol. He spends a good deal of time shooting the mountainous landscapes that are all around him. The pictures seen here are combined from several different collections, and for the visually perceptive, one can also see how Furlan has been developing as a photographer.

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Furlan focuses on the vastness and splendor of the location, concentrating only on areas least visited by the meager populations of farmers and random residents. He shares with us the grandiosity of the rugged peaks and snaking valleys, covered in green carpets of grass or snow. Furlan takes us over jagged mountains and horizons that meet with the clouds. They are beautiful and lonely scenes at the same time, intimidating, and yet awe-inspiring.

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Seemingly desolate, South Tyrol runs on a level of self-government, made-up of a significant range of exclusive legislative as well as executive powers in addition to a financial regime that permits the place to keep a large part of most imposed taxes. These days, South Tyrol is one of the richest and most developed regions in Italy as well as the European Union. Based on these pictures, its fiscal wealth is not the only thing it is abundant with.

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You can see more of Furlan’s remarkable work here.

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