Stunning Photos of the Winter Sports Activities in Switzerland


Switzerland is legendary when it comes to snow sports. It offers varied and numerous ski resorts, from small village places to large ski stations. This is because the majority of Switzerland’s ski resorts are encircled by remarkable landscapes like enormous ice fields and tall mountains, making it an idyllic place for all sorts of sports that need lots of ice. Practically all winter resorts in Switzerland are jam-packed in summer by tourists and sports enthusiasts because of the myriad of possible activities as well as superb facilities. There is also a noticeable groundswell of interest these days in winter sports, having just concluded the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Photographer Olly Burn while on a trip to Leysin in Switzerland shot some stunning images which show why enthusiasts of winter sports are so taken by their outdoor activity.

olly burn winter

It is thrilling and breathtaking and requires much skill to conquer a slope, but once you do, the feeling is exhilarating. Olly shot these images a few weeks ago on a personal trip to the town of Leysin.

olly burn

“With a couple of quiet days in London, I headed to the mountains in Switzerland with my board and camera. After arriving to the mountain in total cloud cover followed by a dramatic blizzard, on the second day I was blessed with beautiful blue skies, low sunlight all day and a fresh covering of snow. As an added bonus, I managed to escape without breaking a bone or the camera – pretty surprising given how rusty my board skills are.”

winter sports

Switzerland is reputed the world over as having a long tradition of winter sport tourism. The world renowned St. Moritz is thought by many as one of the earliest, if not the first winter resort in the world (1864). Typically Switzerland ski resorts are former mountain villages, and many of them retained their  old world appeal, even if they have become larger with the advent of modern tourism.

snowboard action shot

switzerland slopes

Leysin is one such place, as you can see here in Olly’s photographs.

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