Stunning Time-Lapse of Moonrise over Los Angeles Night Sky

We have always been drawn to the moon. Our lunar obsession is evident in the stories we write, the poems we create, and the songs we compose. It is deeply imbedded in our myths and legends. While it is far from being the principal celestial body, from our perspective, it will always own and claim the night. The Earth and the Moon have a unique, intimate connection unlike any other two bodies in the solar system.  We even mark days in our calendars by the Moon’s cycles. Dan Marker-Moore’s images of the Moon ascending are a stunning series of photographs that illustrate why we remain fixated with it.

collage of photos of moonrise over LA night sky
11 photos taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds

The Los Angeles based photographer aimed his Olympus OM-D EM-5 mounted with a 100mm lens at a moonrise earlier this month, capturing a larger sphere, dramatizing its ascent into the night sky.

The photos were shot, interspersed within over half an hour, and were later combined to create three different views of the same celestial event. As usual and quite predictably, the Moon did not disappoint. The first visual creation is a still photograph that combines multiple shots of the night sky as the moon rises. The result is many spheres rising in uniform increments until it disappear from the lens’ range.

Next, Marker-Moore then combines the images in a way that they collectively appear like a time lapse video, animating the Moon as it rises like a balloon, transforming in color from a fiery orange as it first appears behind the Los Angeles skyline,  into a bright ball of overwhelming white light that reigns in the night sky.

animated gif of moonrise over los angeles night sky

In this last visual, Marker-Moore combines 11 of the photographs, loops the images in chronological sequence creating an animated GIF. It brings to mind the Led Zeppelin anthem, Stairway to Heaven, as the visual illusion depicts not one, but many moons rising like a string of radiant pearls.

Visit Marker-Moore’s Tumblr for more time-lapses in GIF form as well as other beautiful photos of Los Angeles from different vantage points.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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