Stunning Travel Photos Captured Using a Drone

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Drone technology, although developed originally for military purposes, has no doubt found its way into civilian use. Many enthusiasts exist today who just love to fly their quadcopters either for amusement or other purposes they can imagine. The photography community is one such group that has found a purpose for drones and quadcopters. A quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter that lifts and is propelled by four rotors. Quadcopters fall under the classification of rotorcraft, as differentiated from fixed-wing aircraft, since their lift is created by a set of rotors that are vertically oriented propellers.

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In fairly recent years, quadcopter designs have become preferred in unmanned aerial vehicle research. These vehicles make use of an electronic control system and electronic sensors to steady the aircraft. Their small size and nimble manoeuvrability allow these quadcopters to be flown indoors or outdoors.

drone travel photographer amos chapple

While today’s laws limit or ban their use, there was an adventurous period when you could fly a camera-armed quadcopter practically anywhere. Just ask Amos Chapple, who happened to take advantage of drone photography before they began to regulate it.

travel photo amos chapple

Chapple is working on getting “positive picture stories into mainstream media.” He began at New Zealand’s largest daily paper in 2003. After two years of hard news work he took a full-time position photographing UNESCO World Heritage sites.

travel photography amos chapple

In 2012, he went freelance but still travelled often. Since then his work has been published in most major news titles around the globe and he is these days a regular contributor to the Guardian, The Atlantic, and Italian Vanity Fair. After an unceasing, gruelling travel schedule through 67 countries, Chapple has pretty much seen “the kindness, decency and beauty” of the human race. He has great respect for photojournalists working in conflict areas, and believes there is much we have not lost or destroyed which requires an honest, non-commercial representation in news media.

travel photographer amos chapple drone

Armed with his quadcopter that he took with him on his backpack, these images are the result of two years’ worth of travel around the world. Fresh perspective, specifically an aerial one always yields results that are just truly spectacular.

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