Stunning Travel Photos of the Bolivian Landscape

Bolivia landscape photography

Rustic and rugged, exceptional in its natural beauty, paradoxical, multifaceted and somewhat full of surprises, Bolivia is one of South America’s most varied and mystifying nations. On a journey to Bolivia not too long ago, touring photographer Antony Harrison documented the spectacular beauty of the South American country in all of its natural magnificence.

antony harrison Bolivia landscape photographer

Foggy mountains, wild flamingos, cerulean lakes, and sulphuric depths come alive in Harrison’s pulsating photos, bringing the viewer to this distant utopia. In an article that Harrison recently penned, he spent three months traveling comprehensively around the country.

Bolivia landscape photographer

He saw many unbelievable sights, such as the Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), the famed Salar de Uyuni salt flat, the elegant Lake Titicaca, and the extremely treacherous Death Road. Each second of each day is an adventure in Bolivia. Just the activity of making your way from summit to city can be an adventure already.

Bolivia landscape photographer antony harrison

There are also the rivers, the treks, the peaks, the forests, the nerve-wracking bike descents, and the massive, impenetrable and isolated stretches that pull you ever deeper into the wild. It is a nation that calls for a sense of adventure, the kind of brashness that brought pilgrim explorers to places never before ventured into by other mortals.

Bolivia landscape

For the climbing-inclined, the sharp mountain peaks offer unmatched levels of thrill. Plummeting from the Andes down to the Amazon and several day trips follow olden Inca paving, qualifying this as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Trips along rivers entrenched in the heart of the Amazon Lake take you past the loud barks of primates and a flourishing mass of biodiversity that will leave you overwhelmed.

Bolivia landscape photos

Harrison, although able to magnificently capture Bolivia’s spirit, knows all too well that you cannot quite capture its essence in pictures. He said, “Words and pictures don’t quite do justice to the majesty of Bolivia, never on earth I have met with vistas, people and culture quite as unique as this country has to offer,” says Harrison. “Needless to say I will be back in Bolivia at the first opportunity and I encourage all of you adventurers out there to do the same!”

See his awe-inspiring pictures here.

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