Stunning Underwater Photography of Sea Creatures

octopus underwater

From a huge 40 foot whale-shark to a two inch seahorse this vibrant series of Earth’s sea life captures the enigmatic beauty of the deep.  Photographer Mark Laita‘s collection of over 100 images of iridescent jellyfish sting rays, and deadly puffer fish is all encapsulated in a book simply called Sea.

underwater sea creature

The International award-winning Laita focuses his artistic and technical expertise on the subject matter, coming-up with this truly mesmerizing collection of seldom seen creatures. Sea uses state-of-the-art photographic techniques, unveiling the spectacle and mystery of the deep ocean’s dwellers in an entirely innovative and exciting way. The Wall Sreet Journal acclaimed Laita’ work saying,  “Here is craft honed to so high a level it becomes art. Sea is simply a miracle of depiction.”

underwater sea creature jelly fish

In his unique artistic way, Laita apparently knows how to shoot fish in a manner that appeal to fish lovers. He reveals the beautiful side of our aquatic dwellers through reflections and in rippled water surfaces. Laita takes his keen eye and knack for the visually graceful to another fascinating level in Sea.  The many images in the collection reveal the astonishing loveliness, hues, and various species of marine creatures with unparalleled artistry.

underwater sea animal

In one shot for instance, Laita captures the rare allure of a large supermale Richmond’s wrasse, Halichoeres richmondi, a common species which can be seen in a fantastic  shot. In Addition to Laita’s work with fish, he also tries his artistry in other subjects like the natural wildlife, various bird specimens of many hues, pit vipers as well as the outlandish outfits of Mexican wrestling called Lucha Libre.

underwater sea creature stingray

Laita’s photos are likened by many to Matt Wittenrich’s all white background fish photography. His shots are replete with sea horses, ethereal stingrays, and other oddly beautiful creatures from the deep. Laita’s masterful photography reveals their extraordinary colors, textures, and personalities to us as never before.

underwater sea creature fish

If this subject matter appeals to you, a lot more of them can be viewed on the Mark Laita website here.

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